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The New Digital Intelligence UltraBay 3™ and UltraBay 3d™

Twice as Fast as the UltraBay II With Speeds Up to 15.4GB Per Minute

X79 Express and C602 Chipsets Standard in FRED Systems

Digital Intelligence Maintains its Lead in Forensic Workstation Performance

FRED i7 and Dual Xeon Systems have been updated to the Latest Chipsets


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Products  :  Network & Live Forensics

F-Response ~ Live Forensics

What is F-Response?
F-Response is an easy to use, vendor neutral, patented software utility that enables a practitioner to conduct live forensics, Data Recovery, and E-Discovery (Electronic Discovery) over an IP network using their tool(s) of choice. Using F-Response, the examiner cannot effect any changes on the machine under inspection.

How F-Response works.
F-Response is based on the well documented iSCSI standard to create a secure, read-only connection between the examiner’s computer and the computer under inspection. F-Response enables connections to the network computers for live analysis.


F-Response Field Kit Edition

F-Response Consultant Edition

F-Response Enterprise Edition

The F-Response Field Kit Edition is a value priced single user version of the F-Response patented software suite.

The Consultant Edition of F-Response is our non-covert (GUI) version of F-Response uniquely designed around the needs of larger and geographically distant consulting or E-Discovery teams needing direct access to a wide array of potential target machines.

The Enterprise Edition of F-Response is our covert service based (Non GUI) version of F-Response uniquely designed for consultants and internal corporate investigations.


Helix Pro

Meeting your computer forensics needs!

Helix3 Pro is a unique tool necessary for every computer forensic tool kit!  Get the only tool with a Live and Bootable side for your investigation needs.

A multi-platform LIVE side for three environments; Mac OS X, Windows and Linux with one simple to use interface.

A bootable forensically sound environment to boot any x86 system.
Several open source forensic applications to assist with data analysis including cell phone analysis


Live Response

Reveal the Truth: Volatile Data Collection from a USB Key

Live Response is the only USB key for First Responders, Investigators and IT Security Professionals to collect the live volatile data which will be lost once the computer system is shutdown.  Acquire ALL volatile and requested data from a live system – in just minutes! Simply insert the USB key and instruct the system to gather only the data you desire from a menu of options. 

Live Response will then collect and store the data directly onto the device within minutes.  When you are finished you can simply eject the USB key and walk away.


HBGARY ~ Malware Analysis

Responder Pro
Responder™ Professional: The ultimate in Windows™ physical memory and automated malware analysis all integrated into one application for ease of use, streamlined workflow, and rapid results. The Professional platform is designed for Incident Responders,Malware Analysts, and Computer Forensic Investigators who
demand the very best. Responder Professional provides powerful memory forensics, malware detection and software behavioral identification with Digital DNA™.


Responder Field Edition
HBGary Responder™ Field Edition is used by computer forensic investigators, law
enforcement and information security professionals to quickly capture and identify
critical information found in memory. Cyber investigations are incomplete if volatile memory is not preserved and analyzed for potential evidentiary artifacts. Responder Field Edition includes memory preservation, memory analysis, rootkit behavior detection, basic malware analysis and reporting.



Note :- Most of the Products and Services offered by us are meant for Government, Defence and Law Enforcement Organisations which are required to be used in Ethical manner for National Interest. Usage of Products should be as per the Local Government Regulation/ Norms.


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