Voom Shadow 3

Accessing a Suspect’s Computer in its Natural State without Compromising Evidence.Using the device, a live presentation using the suspect’s computer can be conducted in court, or screen shots and video can be shown on a projector exactly as it appears on the suspect’s computer.Perhaps the most important value in the system is the creation of more powerful and easier-to comprehend presentations for attorneys, investigators, judges, and juries.

Accessing, without Altering

When a computer is turned on, thousands of changes are automatically made in the background. The operating system runs updates, anti-virus scans are conducted, bit logs are changed, Internet files purged— all of which can potentially overwrite or alter evidence.By using The Shadow 3 from Voom Technologies which is a small, portable hardware device that is inserted between the hard drive and the motherboard. Once it is properly connected, the computer can be safely turned on without overwriting or altering the evidence. With this approach, no changes from boot up through operation ever reach the hard drive. Because it is repeatable, evidence produced using the device has already been proven in court to be valid and admissible.

Immediate forensic investigation, on site or in the lab. Boot and operate a suspect computer without changing the (hard drive) evidence.

  • Boot and operate Windows, Linux, Mac: any operating system
  • Run any application on suspect computer
  • Operate DVR’s and game consoles that boot SATA drives
  • Works with SATA and IDE hard drives and SSD’s
  • Investigate RAID systems (with one Shadow per drive)
  • Field Triage
  • Field Investigation
  • Lab Triage
  • Lab Investigation
  • Minutes to connect, investigate without limits
  • Present live in court, or produce print/video/screen shots directly from suspect computer – intuitive evidence presentation
  • Accepted in court
  • Confront suspect/defendant with powerful direct evidence before (or after) they get “lawyered up”
  • Immediate evidence/intelligence gathering