You need to protect the chain of custody for digital evidence and manage teams and resources in every case — all while being able to find and use relevant information from older cases quickly.

ATLAS provides digital evidence management and archiving that allows teams to understand how the evidence was handled and where to find it in the future.

ATLAS builds statistics as you enter information, so you won’t have to comb back through past cases when you need to provide them to leadership.


Gone are the confusing and cluttered screens that pass for case management. Each task flows smoothly to the next allowing you to do more in less time.

ATLAS uses a clean, intuitive interface to help users get started with very little training.


ATLAS enables you to manage case submissions and work tickets in 3 easy steps.

With ATLAS, all the parts of your organization work in unison to provide unprecedented efficiency, regardless of the OS they are running. ATLAS works through common browsers on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile.


ATLAS is a truly collaborative end-to-end product for your entire team, including external partners across the globe. It combines every facet of case management while ensuring that case data, asset tracking, financial information, and more can be quickly and easily shared.

XAMN Horizon builds on XAMN Spotlight with four added viewing capabilities: Geographic view, Chat view, Timeline view and Connection view. These new views enable you to discover and investigate data from new and exciting perspectives.

Zoom in or out to focus your analysis on any point in time using the Timeline view. The Geographic view lets you navigate data by location. Find places of interest and investigate the data connected to those places – such as calls made or received, pictures taken and more.

The Chat view lets you track chat threads from different apps such as Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook messenger and others.

And finally, use the incredibly powerful Connection view to discover and investigate the interactions between different device owners and accounts.

Capabilities & Benefits

See the whole picture faster

Find the connections in the case more quickly when you simplify and automate complex analytical tasks. Automatically merge, correlate and unify data from across various types of sources, such as mobile devices, cloud and telco service providers. Quickly apply your knowledge of the case with intuitive filters so you can narrow your focus to the most relevant evidence.

Establish connections quickly

Organize and visualize data from new perspectives to discover common threads between data. Create timelines or maps, and search across text, images, video and geolocations from a variety of sources to build a holistic view of the case.

Save time with advanced media analytics

Eliminate the need to review images one by one with advanced image and video analytics, and a unique neural network machine learning process. Automatically categorize media based on pre-defined categories, such as weapons, nudity, faces or child exploitation.

Identify more insights with text analytics

Go beyond watchlists and apply natural language processing to any textual artifact to identify entities such as names, addresses, locations and URLs.

Maximize your forensic investments

Add power and value to your existing forensic tools by providing a comprehensive case-level analysis tool. This application handles multiple logical, file system, physical extractions and external service provider records per case, saving you precious time and resources.


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