Take your Digital Forensic examination to new heights with Cyint’s cutting-edge Digital Forensic Lab and experienced manpower to handle any digital forensic evidence whether on site or at client’s location. with best practices, the potential rewards of these globally reputed tools is second to none. As more and more enterprises seek out the advantages, ensure that you are equipped with strategies and tools for keeping digital evidence forensically secure and yet extract all the relevant data to move your case forward!


  • On-Site Data Acquisition: Imaging/ Cloning/ Live Data Acquisition
  • Hard drive Data Acquisition & Analysis: Imaging/ Cloning
  • Mobile Phone/ Hand-Held devices Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • File Password Decryption
  • Email Data Extraction & Analysis
  • Cloud Data Extraction & Analysis
  • CCTV Data acquisition, analysis & enhancement
  • Call Data Analysis


There’s been a significant rise in the amount of computer, Mobile and internet related crime in recent years. This is hardly surprising as we increasingly rely on computers, mobile phones and the internet to carry out transactions and store and exchange information. The very nature of computers means that whatever you do leaves a trail of evidence, but in order to be used in court this needs to be gathered and handled in such a way that it isn’t compromised. This is where we come into play ! Our team is not only capable of effectively investigating various type of Digital Evidence but also understand the crucial nature and magnitude of the evidence and the importance of keeping it confidential. We undertake all the possible steps to make sure that optimum care is taken while investigating. with dedicated experiance in the Digital Forensic Domain and providing Digital Fornensic Training & Services to various Law Enforcement Organisations, Investigation Agencies, Defence Organisations, Central/ State Forensic Labs, Research & Development Organisations, Top Multi-Nationals etc. Cyint Technologies with its State-Of-Art Digital Forensic Lab gives you capabilities to handle any problems you face when it comes to Forensic Data Extraction & Analysis from any form of Digital Evidence